Training & Advising for National Partners

Training & Advising for National Partners

Through technical assistance, All Our Kin builds the capacity of organizations across the country to effectively increase the supply, quality, and sustainability of family child care. Our approach is one of partnership and collaboration: we value the relationships that technical assistance partners have with the family child care educators in their communities, and leverage the deep knowledge that partners have about the challenges and opportunities in their local early childhood landscape. Based upon our two decades of experience in direct implementation, we offer several strands of technical assistance. 

Who are our partners?

All Our Kin collaborates with community-based organizations, unions, child care resource and referral agencies, educator groups, state and local governments and more to provide strengths-based professional development and coaching that centers equity.

We are proud to work with the following national centers:
National Center on Early Childhood Quality Assurance (NCEQA)
National Early Care and Education (ECE) Workforce Center

And to engage in technical assistance with the following state and local partners:

Areas of Expertise, Offerings

Building family child care educators’ knowledge and practice as small business owners enables them to provide high quality, continuous care. Over the past decade, All Our Kin has refined our proprietary Family Child Care Business Series and Coaching Program, which are designed to uplift and connect family child care providers in their role as entrepreneurs.

We use a Train-the-Trainer model to prepare agency staff to teach our virtual or in-person Business Series, and equip them to provide follow-up business coaching support. The All Our Kin Business Series covers topics from marketing to contracts to recordkeeping, and more. See a full outline of the Business Series here.

Ask us about: In-person or virtual Business Series Train-the-Trainer, Business Coach Training, customized business program development.  

For more information on All Our Kin Virtual Business Train-the-Trainer, click here.

Supporting the learning and livelihood of family child care educators can only go so far without the proper policy conditions in place. All Our Kin provides guidance and support to state and local leaders who want to create the conditions for family child care to thrive. See All Our Kin’s “Creating the Conditions” report.

Through individualized Policy Advising, we help our partners understand their unique family child care contexts and support partners in thinking deeply about what policy barriers exist and work to co-develop strategies for moving the needle on family child care policies. 

Our Policy Advising technical assistance offering is an opportunity for teams of state or local partners and family child care educators to identify an issue related to family child care in their community and work toward progress on that issue through the creation and execution of a family child care policy agenda. 

For more information on Policy Advising and our ongoing offering for a limited number of teams, click here.

Effective coaching and professional learning are essential to creating and sustaining high quality early care and learning.

In this high-touch, hands-on engagement, skilled and experienced All Our Kin Mentor Coaches work closely with cohorts of family childcare network staff, via group learning sessions and one-to-one mentoring, providing in-depth support around relationships-first, strengths-based coaching for family child care educators. 

Ask us about: Education Coaching professional learning sessions, individualized mentor coaching, and developing new educational coaching programs.

When a child care provider becomes licensed by the state, we know that the program meets health and safety standards and operates under state supervision. All Our Kin’s Toolkit Licensing Program provides materials, mentorship and support to help unlicensed family, friend and neighbor caregivers meet health and safety standards, fulfill state licensing requirements, and become part of a professional community of child care providers.

We are currently refining a program to share lessons from Toolkit with communities around the country looking to support family child care educators through the licensing process using relationships-centered approaches.

All Our Kin provides tailored support to agencies and communities in developing and launching staffed family child care networks or other supports to strengthen the viability, quality and sustainability of family child care.

We leverage our decades of experience with direct implementation of staffed family child care networks across CT and the Bronx as well as the research to provide coaching paired with tangible resources centered around five key components of networks. Watch a video that All Our Kin and the National Center on Early Childhood Quality Assurance produced on the importance of staffed family child care networks. 

Ask us about: Strategic planning, network development coaching.

For more information about the Staffed Family Child Care Network Development Cohort, click here.

“Easily the best virtual training I have ever had.”

“Presenters were engaging, helpful, patient, knowledgeable, graceful and really paid attention to adult learning needs.”

“I learned so much and made some great connections with other professionals across the country.”

"AOK team members are incredibly thoughtful and experienced, which make them very good thought partners.”

“It's just been a very pleasant, validating, and empowering experience."

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