Meet the Team

At All Our Kin, our team is not just a group of professionals; we are a community dedicated to making a transformational change in
early childhood education.

Executive Leadership Team

Jessica Sager

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Akash Mangar

Chief Financial & Operations Officer

Anika Marston

Chief Equity, Culture & People Officer

Brandi King

Chief Strategy Officer

Chelsea Freemon

Chief External Relations Officer

Janna Wagner

Co-Founder-in-Residence & Senior Advisor

Our Staff

Alison Wunder Stahl
Senior Director of Partnership Strategy

Amoulifie Souffrant
Educational Coach

Ana Elisa Franco-Labarga 
Director of Evaluation & Learning

Angela Cuscicanqui
Early Educational & Outdoor Coach

Antonia Better-Wirz
Associate Director of Provider Showcase

Becca Smith
TA Policy Advisor

Bessie Wilkerson
Vice President of Learning & Evaluation

Carmen Roman-Gonzalez
Family & Community Partnerships Manager

Celeste Martinez
Mentor Business Coach

Chanel Heckstall
Development Operations Manager

Cinthia Perez
Early Head Start Family Services Associate 

Colby Rutledge
Professional Learning & Events Coordinator

Dana Holahan
Director of Professional Development 

Daniel Reyes
Development Associate

Darrah Sipe
Partnership Strategist

David Rodgers
Executive Administrative Associate 

Debra Kelly
Early Head Start Education Manager & Coach 

Elman Rodriguez 
Toolkit Licensing Coordinator 

Erica Buchanan 
North Bronx Director

Erica Fine 
TA Project Associate 

Erica Wilcox
Operations Specialist

Eunice Reed
Educational Coach

Fatima Valdez-Bain
Project Associate

Fendi Munoz-O'Shea
Office Associate

Gianna Barada
Data & Evaluation Associate 

Gloria Finn
Toolkit Licensing Coordinator

Jade Thomas
CT Policy Specialist

Jahnna Rymer
Operations & Strategy Specialist

Jassiel Olivero
Toolkit Licensing Coordinator 

Jennifer Drake
Director of Network Development

Jessica Palencia
Stamford/Norwalk Office Associate

Jessica Villanueva
EHS Billingual Ed Coach & Inclusion Specialist

Jillian Keating-Herbst
Vice President of Connecticut Programs

Joel Rivera
Lead Business Mentor Coach

Johanna Vallejo
Educational Coach

Kaleb Dornheim
Data & Evaluation Associate

Kate McNabney
Strategy Associate 

Kelly Ramsey
Network Development Strategist 

Kemberly Benedith
Educational Coach  

Kenya Welch
Director of Institutional Giving

Kiomary Sotillo
Billingual Early Childhood Educational Coach

Kyla McLaughlin
Partnership Manager

LaTonya Barrett
People Development & Equity Specialist

Lesbia Orellana
Business Coach

Ligia Hendrie
Stamford/Norwalk/Bridgeport Site Director

Lisa Fay
Educational Coach

Lilliam Ramos
Toolkit Licensing Coordinator

Lorena Fernandez
Business Team Support Associate

Luz Martinez
Educational Coach

Madeline Ray

Development Associate 

Marina Rodriguez
Educational Mentor Coach

Maureen Reid-Acevado
Educational Coach

Maureen Wright
Vice President of Training & Technical Assistance

Milenis Gonzalez
Vice President of New York Programs 

Molly Stevens
Business Coach

Nancy Carrillo

Educational Coach

Natasha Auguste-Williams
Educational Coach

Nilda Aponte
Quality Program Director

Pamela Rodriguez
Office Associate 

Patricia Santos
Business Coach

Rosemary Goyzueta
Learning & Development Specialist

Sally Puleo
Vice President of Policy & Field Building

Samantha Otero
PD&E Benefits & Compliance Specialist

Sandra Massey

Educational Coach

Sarah Derbala
Network Development Facilitator 

Shaela Fanini
Office Associate

Shandar Butler 
New Haven Site Manager

Shaniece Conyers
New Haven Site Director 

Simon Jaime
Mentor Business Coach 

Steven Morales
Policy Director

Sylvia Santos
Business Coach

Syritha Robinson
Director of Movement Building & Field-Level Change

Tamara Troadec
Vice President of Program & Learning 

Tanya Michaelson 
Mentor Coach

Travonda Davenport
Network Development Strategist

Violet McKain
Digital Media Associate

Wende Gozan-Brown
Vice President of Communications & Marketing

Yazmin Iglesias
Director of People, Projects & Processes

Yoskary Rodriguez
Office Associate