Business Series & Coaching

Business Series & Coaching

The Business Series and Coaching Program supports family child care educators as they build their capacity as business owners, improving their financial practices, bringing in new families, increasing their earnings, and enhancing the sustainability of their programs. Through improving their businesses, these providers are also increasing access to safe, reliable, and high-quality early care and education experiences that give children the foundation they need to succeed, and provide parents the ability to participate in the workforce. 

The Business Program offers a 10 Week Business Series tailored for family child care educators to help them gain the tools and knowledge you need to successfully manage your family child care business. This 10 week series, at no cost to participants, will cover topics such as: Contracts and policies, Marketing, Risk Management, Accounting, Record keeping for taxes, Budgeting and financial management and much more. After graduating, you may qualify for our one-on-one Business Coaching Program.

The Business Coaching Program is individualized coaching to support child care educators to gain the skills they need to think and act as entrepreneurs, including but not limited to: promoting themselves and their business, and drafting policies for use with parents.

Business Series and Coaching are offered in English and Spanish.

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