Make A Gift

Make A Gift

When you give to All Our Kin, you play a role in
making our proven triple win possible


Family child care educators build high-quality, sustainable businesses that increase economic security and opportunity for themselves and their families. Pre-COVID, more than half of educators who participated in our programming increased their earnings by $5,000 per year. 

Families can go to work, knowing their children are in safe, loving hands. For every family child care program launched with the support of our Tool Kit Licensing Program, 4-5 parents are able to enter the workforce

Children receive the enriching early learning experiences that research tells us lay the groundwork for achievement in school and in life. Children in All Our Kin family child care programs score higher on math and language assessments and demonstrate better social emotional development than the national norm. 

Giving to All Our Kin benefits entire communities. In fact, for every $1 invested in our work, $15-$20 is returned to society in terms of increased gross regional product.