Board Resources

 This landing page is meant for current and new Board Members and C-Suite to access relatively up-to-date resources such as documents, dates, and inquiries.


Governance of the Board


Organizational Documents

Exploring our website is a great place to start learning about AOK. The below links are of particular orienting interest.

Meeting Dates

Remaining Dates listed only for the FY

  • Q3, 2023
  • Virtual Board Meeting, Tuesday, September 26, 9AM-2:30PM EDT
  • Q4, 2023
  • Virtual Governance Committee, TBD
  • Virtual Development Committee, TBD
  • Virtual Finance Committee, Wednesday, November 29, 10AM-11AM EST
  • Virtual Equity Committee, TBD
  • In-Person Board Meeting, Bronx, NY, Wednesday, December 6
  • Please fill out the survey for 2024 dates (link in September 2023)


  • Emailed upon request: Budget, Scopre of D&O Insurance, Financial Policies & Procedures

Committee Members & Charters

Executive Committee (Charter will be linked soon)

  • C. Nicole Mason, president
  • Helen Blank, secretary
  • Chris Kelly, treasurer
  • Don M Kendall, J.r, Governance Chair
  • Jessica Sager,  CEO

Governance Committee (Charter will be linked soon)

  • Don M Kendall, Jr., chair
  • Vinice Davis
  • Jackie Ewenstein
  • Lutonya Russell-Humes
  • Jessica Sager
  • Marjorie Sims

Finance Committee (Charter will be linked soon)

  • Chris Kelly, chair
  • Jackie Ewenstein
  • Sarah Jankowski
  • C. Nicole Mason
  • Lee Oxman
  • Megan Spelamn

Equity Committee (Charter will be linked soon)

  • Janna Wagner, chair
  • Helen Blank
  • Walter Gilliam
  • Lee Oxman

Development Committee (projected to launch Q4FY23)