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Our Impact

All Our Kin increases the supply of quality child care in the community.
Between 2000 and 2011, Connecticut lost nearly 34 percent of its family child care programs. This translates into 8,100 fewer child care spaces for Connecticut’s families. In New Haven, the story is very different. Thanks to All Our Kin’s efforts, the number of licensed family child care programs increased by 74 percent in New Haven during the same period. The result: more available, affordable quality choices for children and families. 

All Our Kin makes it possible for parents to enter the workforce. 
Child care is a major barrier to employment for parents, particularly single mothers. All Our Kin's licensed family child care providers make it possible for parents to succeed, providing reliable, consistent care that is affordable, accessible, neighborhood-based, and flexible for parents working nontraditional hours. A recent study from the University of Connecticut’s Center for Economic Analysis finds that each provider licensed by All Our Kin enables between 4 and 5 parents to enter the workforce.

All Our Kin increases provider revenue and helps providers build better lives for their own families.
In a 2011 study of All Our Kin’s Tool Kit Licensing program, the University of Connecticut’s Center for Economic Analysis found that:  

  • Nearly 60 percent of participants reported earning at least $5,000 more the first year after licensure. In the second year, over 45 percent reported earning at least $10,000 more.
  • After completing the program, 55 percent of graduates were able to pay down debt, 42 percent had opened a savings account, and 31 percent had moved to a larger apartment or house.
  • Over 50 percent of Tool Kit program graduates went on to achieve either an Associate's Degree in Early Childhood Education or a Child Development Associate credential.

All Our Kin increases the quality of family child care.
Through All Our Kin's child development classes, workshops, and hands-on educational program visits, family child care providers gain a greater knowledge of child development, and learn new strategies for supporting children and families. And providers become part of a wider professional community, with access to resources, information, and ongoing support.

In a 2015 study of All Our Kin's impact on program quality, researcher Toni Porter found statistically significant differences in quality between All Our Kin and non-All Our Kin providers. Results include:

  • All Our Kin providers scored, on average, 53 percent higher on the FCCERS-R, and 30 percent higher on the PICCOLO, than providers who were not associated with All Our Kin. The FCCERS-R and PICCOLO are nationally-recognized tools for measuring quality in family child care settings.
  • All Our Kin providers performed particularly well on FCCERS-R subscales measuring Interactions and Listening & Talking.
  • Sixty-four percent of All Our Kin providers scored 4 or higher on the FCCERS-R, compared to five percent of non-All Our Kin providers.
  • All Our Kin providers’ average scores on the PICCOLO’s Teaching subscale were 76 percent higher than those of the comparison providers.
  • Twenty-nine percent of All Our Kin providers were rated “good” to “excellent” on global quality, compared to five percent of non-All Our Kin providers. Other studies using the same research tools have found that just seven to nine percent of family child care providers rate as “good” to “excellent.”
  • Fifty percent of All Our Kin providers intended to stay in the field of family child care “as long as possible,” compared to seven percent of the comparison providers. Intention to remain in the field has been shown to be an important correlate of quality.

Investing in All Our Kin has significant macroeconomic benefits.
According to the University of Connecticut’s Center for Economic Analysis:

  • All Our Kin’s Tool Kit Licensing Program alone creates about $12.5 million in annual tax revenue.
  • The Tool Kit Licensing Program generates an average of $7.4 million per year in macroeconomic benefit to the New Haven region.
  • For every $1 spent by AOK in the Tool Kit Licensing Program, approximately $15-20 is returned to society in terms of increased gross regional product (GRP).

All Our Kin develops policies that enable family child care to thrive.
All Our Kin builds on the experiences of family child care providers and best practice research to develop policies that increase the supply, quality and sustainability of family child care. Working with providers, a network of advocacy organizations and public officials, our successful policy efforts have led to:

  • Increased public support for Staffed Family Child Care Networks in Connecticut, which will double the number of networks to support family child care providers in 2020.
  • Mitigated financial consequences of COVID-19 for family child care providers by advocating for state and federal initiatives that meet their unique needs.
  • Increased technical assistance and training to help family child care providers adapt to changing state and federal health and safety practices, business requirements and educational needs.
  • Expanded opportunities for family child care providers to become policy leaders.

Most important, through All Our Kin’s work, children build the foundation for lifelong learning and future success.
A copious body of research supports the link between high-quality early childhood education and positive educational and social outcomes for children: replacing a low-quality provider with a high-quality one increases a preschooler’s school readiness by 50 percent. The implications of our work are clear: by improving the quality of care in family child care programs, All Our Kin improves educational outcomes and life chances for children.

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