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All Our Kin COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund

The rapid spread of the novel coronavirus and the evolving societal response has deeply impacted All Our Kin’s family child care community and raised needs that have grown more urgent with time. All Our Kin serves a community of nearly 900 family child care providers across Connecticut and New York, over 80% of African-American and Hispanic/Latinx descent. Consistent with emerging data, these populations are among those at the highest risk of poor health outcomes from COVID-19, due to the prevalence of underlying health conditions such as diabetes and hypertension within these communities. Moreover, as many as 25% of our recently surveyed providers may come from undocumented or mixed-status families, while 84% earned incomes below 200% of the federal poverty level—all of which stands to highlight just how much greater our communities are being impacted by the pandemic.

As an essential service, family child care providers are on the front lines, caring for the children of our healthcare workers, transit employees, and other who keep society running amidst uncertain times at great risk to themselves (learn more here).

To this end, All Our Kin has established a $500,000 emergency relief fund with which we are working to meet the most urgent needs of the nearly 900 women and 5,000 children in our network of Family Child Care Programs, helping them to weather this storm now and in the weeks to come.


The COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund

The COVID-19 crisis has thrust All Our Kin to the fore, as we work intensively to protect our family child care network and help to ensure that programs across the nation have a chance to survive. To this end, we established All Our Kin’s COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund to employ resources rapidly as possible to our community of 1,100 family child care providers serving 5,500 children across Connecticut and New York, and to ensure that we as an organization have the capacity to ensure sustainability in the weeks—and potentially months—to come. Accordingly, we have prioritized our fund as follows:

♦Family child care providers, their children, and families in urgent need of basic items must remain healthy and safe.

As the crisis unfolds, our network faces the cascading challenges most likely to occur when under-resourced areas are hit hard by economic decline—food and housing insecurity, difficulty meeting other financial obligations, and more. Thusly, we are disbursing 80% of our fund as cash grants to family child care providers to help alleviate these hardships.

♦ Programs that remain open must have access to cleaning supplies and health supplies to operate safely.

Providers are in urgent need of cleaning supplies and basic personal protective equipment that remain difficult to obtain as the pandemic continues to grip the local supply. Our fund ensures that we can help get them to anyone who is unable to secure them on their own.

Family child care must have a seat at the table and a voice in critical policy conversations at all levels.

Our team has been working intensively to advocate at the federal, state, and local levels for policy agenda that will keep the industry whole during and after the COVID-19 crisis. Our teams have begun work to enhance our technological capacity to advance these and other critical efforts as resources become available and as we develop our infrastructure in other critical areas.

The COVID-19 pandemic has reinforced that All Our Kin is recognized as a national leader among our peers in Early Childhood Education policy and advocacy. Over the past several months, we convened a town hall for over 1,100 family child care providers to have an audience with the Commissioner of Connecticut’s office of Early Childhood Education to outline their most urgent needs; we have hosted webinars for hundreds of leaders working across the nation to support family childcare programs on best-practice strategies to align our efforts industry-wide in response to the pandemic; and published an op-ed in the New York Daily News which calls on New York City lawmakers to do their part in guiding Family child care through these unchartered waters.

Our staff has been working from the safety of our remote workspaces while optimizing our ability to serve our network virtually by making critical upgrades to our software systems and digital resources. Intensive efforts such as these have required significant enhancements to our technological infrastructure and have increased demand on our organizational capacity.

How Can You Help?

As the COVID-19 crisis continues, the needs of our family child care providers, children, and families will only grow more urgent; yet, our efforts to support have only just begun. All Our Kin needs $81,500 to continue our urgent response efforts and help our communities weather this storm. To make your gift to the emergency fund, use the link below to make your gift securely. Please enter 'COVID19' in the notes field to expedite your support. Thank you!

For more information on the relief fund, please contact

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