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This publication presents a framework for how state and local leaders can create the conditions for family child care to thrive in their communities, thereby increasing the supply, quality, and sustainability of child care options that meet the needs of all families. We offer concrete strategies--at the intersection of policy and practice--across six domains. By working across these six domains, we believe that we can build a comprehensive early child care and education system that values family child care and works for all children and families--including those that face the greatest barriers to accessing care.

In 2017, All Our Kin partnered with  researchers from Yale University to explore the relationship between staffed family child care networks and health and safety compliance in family child care programs. The research found that participation in All Our Kin’s staffed Family Child Care Network is associated with increased health and safety regulatory compliance in family child care programs. These findings indicate that investing in a strength-based, holistic approach to supporting quality through staffed family child care networks is an effective way to increase access to safe, healthy child care options for children and families.


This study explores licensed family child care providers’ perspectives on the benefits and challenges of partnering with an agency to deliver Early Head Start services. Qualitative interviews revealed family child care providers believe that benefits of partnership with Early Head Start include: increased quality of care to children and families, stabilized income and strengthened business viability, and ongoing supervision.

This report shares the findings of Phase Two of All Our Kin's evaluation by leading family child care researcher Toni Porter. The research shows that children enrolled with All Our Kin family child care providers performed significantly better on math and language assessments than children enrolled in non-All Our Kin programs. Additional research is needed to isolate All Our Kin as the key factor in improving child outcomes in these programs. 

Examining Quality in Family Child Care thumbnail
 A recent evaluation by researcher Toni Porter finds that family child care providers in All Our Kin's network score significantly higher on research-based measures of quality than similar providers who are unaffiliated with All Our Kin.
This research was also recently published in an article in the March 2016 edition of Zero to Three, the scholarly journal distributed by the national organization ZERO TO THREE. 
If you've read the report and would like to know more about the analysis behind it, you can access the full technical version
Gateways to Two Generations
This new report from Ascend at the Aspen Institute identifies All Our Kin’s efforts to train and support early childhood educators as one example of a “promising approach” that creates opportunities for parents and children to thrive.
All Our Kin New Haven Program
A recent evaluation by Opportunities Exchange and Sussman Associates finds that All Our Kin “has been able to help increase the number of family child care providers in New Haven, their income, and their quality."


A new report from Morrison Downs Associates, Inc. commissioned by the Connecticut Office of Early Childhood underscores All Our Kin's impact while examining current efforts and future opportunities to support and enhance the quality of family child care across the state.





Staffed Family Child Care Networks: A Strategy to Enhance Quality Care for Infants and Toddlers

Staffed family child care networks like All Our Kin are "uniquely positioned to strengthen and improve FCC programs in order for infants and toddlers to thrive in quality care," according to Zero to Three.

The Economic Impact of the All Our Kin Family Child Care Tool Kit Licensing Program

The Family Child Care Tool Kit Licensing Program delivers significant economic benefits to both family child care providers and the New Haven region, according to a study conducted by the University of Connecticut Center for Economic Analysis. 

For the executive summary, click here.


Involvement in All Our Kin programs supports how family child care providers think about and understand the children in their care, according to survey data collected in 2014 from family child care providers.

To read a summary of survey results, click here.