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In their new report, "Gateways to Two Generations," Ascend at the Aspen Institute identifies All Our Kin’s efforts to train and support early childhood educators as one example of a “promising approach” that creates opportunities for parents and children to thrive.

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A recent evaluation by Opportunities Exchange and Sussman Associates finds that All Our Kin “has been able to help increase the number of family child care providers in New Haven, their income, and their quality."

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A new report from Morrison Downs Associates, Inc. commissioned by the Connecticut Office of Early Childhood underscores All Our Kin's impact while examining current efforts and future opportunities to support and enhance the quality of family child care across the state.

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Staffed family child care networks like All Our Kin are "uniquely positioned to strengthen and improve FCC programs in order for infants and toddlers to thrive in quality care," according to Zero to Three.

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The Family Child Care Tool Kit Licensing Program delivers significant economic benefits to both family child care providers and the New Haven region, according to a study conducted by the University of Connecticut Center for Economic Analysis.

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Involvement in All Our Kin programs supports how family child care providers think about and understand the children in their care, according to survey data collected in 2014 from family child care providers.

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