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Tool Kit Licensing Program

Family, friend and neighbor caregivers provide much of the daily child care to families in low-income neighborhoods. Through the Tool Kit program, a collaboration with the Connecticut Children’s Museum, All Our Kin provides materials, mentorship and support to help unlicensed family, friend and neighbor caregivers meet health and safety standards, fulfill state licensing requirements, and become part of a professional community of child care providers. The Tool Kits include application materials, health and safety supplies, vouchers for first aid training, and curriculum materials such as educational toys and high-quality children’s books. All Our Kin also provides caregivers with mentorship, counseling, and support as they complete the licensing process. 

When a child care provider becomes licensed by the state, we know that the program meets health and safety standards and operates under state supervision. The result: more children in greater New Haven spend the day in safe, healthy settings. Licensing is also transformative for providers. Their earnings increase; they gain pride and professionalism; and they are able to serve more children, and serve them better, with the equipment and training they need to provide safe, educational child care.

To learn more about what is included in the Tool Kits, click on the boxes above.


For more information:

If you live in Greater New Haven, please contact Sarah Derbala-Santiago.
Phone: 203-691-0764 

If you live in Greater Bridgeport, please contact Elman Rodriguez.
Phone: 475-282-4770

If you live in Norwalk, Stamford, or surrounding towns, please contact Angela Engborg.
Phone: 203-570-0049 

If you live in the Bronx, please contact Yesenia Robles. 
Phone: 347-756-8852

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