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There are many policies and practices that impact family child care providers’ ability to run sustainable, high-quality child care businesses and families’ ability to access these programs. In order to achieve transformative outcomes for our youngest children, and the adults who care for, educate, and love them, family child care needs to be recognized and valued as a critical component of an early care and education system that works for all families. All Our Kin’s Policy Team ensures that family child care is represented at the tables where decisions about funding, programming, and systems design are being made; addresses challenges and opportunities in policy at the local, state, and federal levels; and facilitates opportunities for family child care educators and families to connect with key policymakers and make their voices heard.

All Our Kin recently launched a new strand of its technical assistance initiative: Policy Advising. Through Policy Advising, All Our Kin partners with state and local leaders who are eager to support and strengthen family child care in their communities, offering concrete strategies and guidance to move the needle on family child care policy and practice. For more information about All Our Kin’s Policy Advising work, please email  




Creating the Conditions for Family Child Care to Thrive: Strategies for Increasing the Supply, Quality, and Sustainability of Family Child Care in States and Communities

We are at a pivotal moment for the future of family child care. Recent years have seen historic investments in early care and education at the local, state, and federal levels, and communities increasingly recognize that supporting family child care is a key strategy to address critical gaps in the child care access, quality, and affordability. At the same time, family child care businesses are closing rapidly across the country.

This publication presents a framework for how state and local leaders can create the conditions for family child care to thrive in their communities, thereby increasing the supply, quality, and sustainability of child care options that meet the needs of all families. We offer concrete strategies--at the intersection of policy and practice--across six domains:

  • Funding Family Child Care Programs
  • Supporting Quality in Family Child Care
  • Building Sustainable Family Child Care Businesses
  • Family Child Care Licensing
  • Housing, Zoning, and Family Child Care
  • Engaging Stakeholders Across Systems in Support of Family Child Care

By working across these six domains, we believe that we can build a comprehensive early child care and education system that values family child care and works for all children and families--including those that face the greatest barriers to accessing care.

You can download the full publication here 

You can download the Executive Summary here.


Obstacles to Affordable Child Care in Connecticut: Policy Report

Family child care and group child care providers face many housing and zoning barriers to starting, maintaining, and expanding their home-based child care businesses. But, there are legislative solutions to many of these challenges. This report, prepared for All Our Kin by our partners at the Yale Law School Community and Economic Development Clinic, outlines common barriers, articulates the current state of the law in Connecticut, details examples of housing and zoning protections for family child care in other states, and offers legislative solutions.  

You can download the full report here.